Electrical Condition Report

Whether it’s your factory, office or investment properties, keeping them safe is a top priority both legally and to protect your business.

Your electrical condition report, fixed wire testing or periodic electrical safety test is vital to ensure that your premises are risk-free and legally compliant.


What is an Electrical Condition Report?

Fixed Wire inspections are an assessment of your building’s hard wiring. Everything from distribution boards, panels, sockets, lighting, everything. It involves a visual inspection as well as physical testing of all the electrical systems. The tests are in place so that should any risks be identified they can be rectified by our specialist electrical engineers before they become dangerous or give you problems.


How we can help

Optimum Electrics partners with businesses in the Peterborough and Cambridge regions completing fixed wire testing that minimises disruption, keeps you and your property safe and adheres to all the up to date legislation directives for the UK.

Your investment in fixed wire testing to protect your assets begins at £x.

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