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Electrical Supply Upgrade for Prestigious Hotel in Birmingham

Optimum Electrics successfully executed a comprehensive electrical supply upgrade for a prestigious hotel in Birmingham. The project aimed to enhance the electrical capacity to 400A, including the installation of a new 400A panel board. Our team demonstrated innovation and efficiency by orchestrating a seamless switch over to a generator during the upgrade, allowing the hotel to maintain uninterrupted operations, including hosting weddings.

Project Timeline: The entire upgrade, from planning to completion, was managed by the Optimum Electrics team, with the installation being completed in a remarkable one-week timeframe. This swift turnaround minimised disruptions to the hotel's daily operations, ensuring that scheduled events and bookings proceeded smoothly despite the ongoing electrical upgrade work.

Key Project Components:

Generator Integration:

  • To ensure a continuous power supply, we strategically implemented a generator during the upgrade process.

  • This allowed the hotel to function without interruptions, providing a seamless experience for guests and staff.

400A Panel Board Installation:

  • The installation of a new 400A panel board significantly increased the electrical capacity of the hotel.

  • This upgrade provided the necessary infrastructure to support the increased demand for power, essential for a hotel of this size.

Fuse Board and Meter Upgrade:

  • Upgrading the fuse board and meter not only increased the overall capacity but also enabled the inclusion of two additional buildings within the hotel on a single board.

  • This consolidation resulted in a reduction in the cost of the meter standing charge for the hotel.

Continuous Support:

  • We ensured the continuity of the electrical supply by having an electrician on call 24 hours a day during the work.

  • This proactive approach mitigated any potential issues promptly, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable power supply throughout the upgrade.

Financial Impact: The implemented upgrades resulted in substantial cost savings for the hotel owners. The consolidation of buildings onto a single board and the increased capacity led to a significant reduction in the client's quarterly expenses. The hotel now enjoys savings of £100,000 per quarter.

Summary: Our team of experienced project managers and electricians successfully executed a complex electrical supply upgrade for a high-end hotel in Birmingham, showcasing technical expertise and project management efficiency. The integration of a generator, strategic installation of a 400A panel board, and the consolidation of buildings onto a single board not only enhanced the hotel's electrical infrastructure but also resulted in substantial cost savings. The seamless execution of the project within a one-week timeframe is testament to our commitment to minimising disruptions and ensuring the client's satisfaction.

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