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Electrical Solutions for Private Landlords

Having investment properties and being a landlord is a great business – minimising your hassle, disruption and costs are important. Get it right and it can mean the difference between a business that makes good profits and is easy to run – and one that has less yield and keeps you constantly busy.

That is something we understand, which is why we have developed a service specifically for private landlords.

Landlords and tenants alike have told the biggest issue when a tradesperson is needed is trying to arrange a visit and the disruption and inconvenience that can follow. What often happens is an electrician is called out, if any remedial work is needed they then have to contact the landlord and get the ‘go ahead’ to complete the work – that’s often two visits – all of which adds cost. It also means more hassle for the tenant and the landlord.

How it Works

When you, as a landlord, partner with us we will visit your property to complete your annual Fixed Wiring Testing or when called out. If repairs are needed we have a pre-agreed amount that can be spent to put it right. So, if a light fitting or socket needs to be replaced we can just get on with. We document everything via our online system, you have complete transparency and can see what is needed and why. Photographs are taken and put on file when necessary so that any deliberate or persistent damage is recorded for deposit purposes or, hopefully it won’t be necessary, for legal purposes. 

All in all, most tenants are pretty good, and this service means one visit, one invoice, far less hassle for both parties, arranging dates, time off work etc. and everyone is happy.

If you’d like to find out more about the service that’ll reduce admin, reduce costs and minimise disruption for you and your tenants, contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.

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