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Bespoke SMART House Built in Cambridgeshire

This was a very interesting and complex project as it was to be a new build SMART Home, with all the functionality controlled by a variety of SMART screen access points placed strategically around the house.

This high tech home was planned for a prominent local businessman in the Peterborough area and we were invited to submit a proposal.

The owner had a real vision of what he wanted, how he wanted it and what he didn’t want. This was a project that had been in his mind’s eye for many years, there was never going to be another as important to him and his family so it had to be right.

Remote Controlled Services

Once the architectural plans were drawn up and the building started, a professional lighting designer was retained to come up with something that, whilst fitting and functional, was also stunning and fabulous. A home automation survey was also carried out to specify several control panels situated around the house to enable them to control everything remotely, from the lighting and curtains to the heating, sound system and cinema room. Apart from the lighting design specification, everything else that needed to be wired was designed and specified by Optimum Electrics.

As professional electricians, we view projects from a very different perspective to design specialists as we have to consider the practical integration with all the other services in a building, as well as thinking about what might be needed in the future.

The lighting designer had completed a superb design, however we were also looking at options that would work with the all the other services. The SMART home also included <CAT 5> wiring for all the information technology applications, the fire and security alarm systems, cameras, sound systems as well as the audio visual channels all of which had to be installed so that nothing interfered with anything else.

When the time came to begin installing the wiring for the lighting, as we followed the lighting design, it became clear that there were a number of elements that just wouldn’t work effectively, would interfere with something else or the client wasn’t happy with, so we were asked to review and ‘rejig’ things.

Substantial Savings Without Being Overly Compromise

The plans we drew up for changes suggested several different options and solutions and in doing so were able to reduce the original lighting quote from £37,000 to £15,000 without any noticeable loss of quality or effect.

When finished, the clients home was spectacular, a real show piece in so many respects. Since moving in to his new home our client has asked us back to add extra power supplies, outside lighting and speakers for the new outside living areas. It was a straightforward task without issues and with minimal disruption as we knew the entire layout of the house and had planned for all eventualities.

As, from an electrical perspective, we had future proofed it as far as was possible, it was simpler and far more cost effective than having to retrofit services had they not been specified and included during the build, and of course there was no damage as nothing had to be ‘ripped out’ or moved. The homeowner now has a beautiful, high tech SMART home, that he can control in a variety of ways, with everything working perfectly and situated to give exactly the effect he and his family always wanted. The project came in on time and below budget, even including the addition of several improvements and upgrades.

If you’re considering a SMART home, give us a call we’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance.

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