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Case Study: Commercial Solar PV System Installation for a Launderette Business in Birmingham, UK

Updated: May 22

Project Overview:

  • Client: Birmingham Launderette Business

  • Location: Birmingham, UK

  • Project Type: Commercial Solar PV System Installation

  • System Components:

    • 14 All Black Solar Panels

    • 8kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter

    • Two 5.12 kWh Sunsynk Batteries

    • K2 Dome Zero Flat Roof Mounting Kit

  • Date of Installation: April, 2024


A launderette business in Birmingham, UK, sought to reduce its electricity expenses and increase profitability while embracing sustainable practices. To achieve these objectives, the business decided to invest in a commercial solar PV system. The system comprised 14 all-black solar panels, an 8kW Sunsynk hybrid inverter, and two 5.12 kWh Sunsynk batteries. Given the flat roof structure of the launderette, the solar panels were installed using a K2 Dome Zero flat roof mounting kit.

System Design and Selection:

  • Solar Panels: The installation included 14 all-black solar panels chosen for their efficiency and aesthetic appeal, ensuring they seamlessly blended with the building's appearance.

  • Inverter and Batteries: An 8kW Sunsynk hybrid inverter and two 5.12 kWh Sunsynk batteries were selected to efficiently manage the solar energy production and storage, providing the business with a reliable and sustainable power supply even during power cuts, ensuring there is no interruption to business or it's customers.

  • Mounting Kit: The K2 Dome Zero flat roof mounting kit was chosen for its durability and suitability for flat roof applications, providing a secure and efficient platform for the solar panels.

Installation Process:

The installation of the commercial solar PV system on the launderette business's flat roof was carried out by our in-house team of experienced technicians. The installation process included the following key steps:

  1. Roof Assessment: The installers conducted a thorough assessment of the flat roof structure to determine the optimal placement of the 14 solar panels. The K2 Dome Zero mounting kit was selected to ensure stability and effective positioning.

  2. Solar Panel Installation: The 14 all-black solar panels were securely mounted on the flat roof using the K2 Dome Zero mounting kit. The panels were arranged to maximize sunlight exposure and energy production.

  3. Inverter and Battery Setup: The 8kW Sunsynk hybrid inverter and two 5.12 kWh Sunsynk batteries were installed in a designated utility space within the launderette business premises. The inverter was configured to efficiently manage the energy flow between the solar panels and batteries.

  4. Testing and Commissioning: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the proper functionality of the entire solar PV system. The launderette business owner was provided with comprehensive training on monitoring and managing the system.

Benefits and Results:

The installation of the commercial solar PV system brought numerous benefits to the launderette business:

  1. Reduced Electricity Expenses: By generating its own clean energy, the business experienced a significant reduction in its monthly electricity bills, leading to increased profitability and reduced overhead costs.

  2. Energy Independence: The combination of solar panels and batteries provided the business with increased energy independence, ensuring a reliable power supply even during grid outages.

  3. Environmental Sustainability: The solar PV system significantly reduced the launderette business's carbon footprint, aligning with its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  4. Long-Term Financial Savings: The investment in the solar PV system offered long-term financial savings, with a relatively short payback period and continued savings over the system's lifespan.

  5. Enhanced Reputation: By embracing renewable energy and sustainable practices, the launderette business enhanced its reputation as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious establishment.

Looking to install a solar PV system on your home or business premises? Contact our team today for expert advice and a free, no-obligation quote and solar design.

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