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An 8.6kW Solar PV System Installation in Peterborough

Updated: May 1

Client’s Brief

Our client was looking to install a solar PV system on their 4-bed detached property in Peterborough in order to reduce their reliance on the grid given the rise in electricity rates and their increasing electricity usage with a growing family.

Reducing their carbon footprint was also a motivator for this client. In order to further reduce their carbon footprint they were looking to purchase an electric vehicle within the next year, something that needed to be taken in to consideration when choosing the best solar system for their home and future needs.

Our Solution

Following a comprehensive remote survey and consultation, our solar consultant was able to provide a number of potential solutions at a few different price points, outlining the benefits of each and what the client would achieve in terms of payback periods, electricity bill reduction, reduced carbon emissions and more.

The client chose to invest in the solar PV system which allowed them to future-proof against their home’s increasing electric needs given the introduction of an electric vehicle in the near future and growing children who would inevitably be using more and more electric devices.

Conscious of the look of the solar panels, our client opted for the stylish and modern all black panels which now sit discreetly on the south/east facing rear roof of both the main house, as well as the double garage roof which allowed us more roof to fit the ideal number of panels. Bird proofing was also applied to all panels to avoid any unwanted nesting birds disrupting the performance of the system.

With the introduction of battery storage, investing in a solar system for your home makes more sense than ever as you can safely store the electricity generated during the day to use when you're home in the evening. This client has done exactly that and included 2 5.3kWh batteries in their system in order to maximise the amount of solar energy their home uses.

System Details

20x Jinko all black panels

1x Synsynk 8kW hybrid inverter

2x Sunsynk 5.3kWh batteries

Thanks to this technology, this client will now be reducing their reliance on the grid by a massive 81%* and saving a huge £850/year* on their electricity bill before taking into account the money they'll make selling back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) and the reduced electricity rate they can access with select suppliers.

Client's Comments

“From the very first phone call their team were highly knowledgeable, providing us with a huge amount of information and guidance on the right system for our house and our family's needs. Their solar consultant really took the time to get to know what we needed now and our needs in the future (we’re looking to purchase an electrical vehicle) in order to future-proof our system and get the most for our money. He was extremely patient with all of the questions I had around the power of the system, the different product options and how it would work with exporting back to the grid.

The office staff handled all of the paperwork and relevant applications, always keeping us up to date with the progress of these which was a real relief.

4 weeks after signing the contract our system was being installed. The installers were professional, tidy and provided us with a comprehensive guide to the system before leaving so that we were confident with how it would work.”

Looking to install a solar PV system on your home or business premises? Contact our team today for expert advise and a free, no obligation quote and solar design.

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