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Case Study: Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Upgrade for Highlees Primary School

Updated: May 1

Client Overview

Highlees Primary School is a public educational institution located in Peterborough. The school has a student population of around 400 students and a staff of over 60 teachers and administrative personnel. The school is committed to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for its students while also focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Challenge

Highlees Primary School was facing high energy bills due to its outdated lighting system, which consisted primarily of fluorescent and incandescent lights. Not only were these lights consuming a significant amount of energy, but they also required frequent maintenance and replacement, causing additional expenses. The school's administration recognised the need to modernise their lighting system to reduce energy consumption, lower operational costs, and create a better learning environment for the students.

The Solution: Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Upgrade

To address the energy consumption and cost issues, Highlees Primary School decided to upgrade its lighting system to energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. The advantages of LED lighting include:

  1. Energy Efficiency: LED lights are known for their energy efficiency. They consume significantly less energy compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, resulting in substantial energy savings.

  2. Longevity: LED lights have a longer operational life than conventional lights. This reduced the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, further cutting down operational costs.

  3. Reduced Heat Emission: Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights emit very little heat. This improves the overall comfort of the learning environment and reduces the load on the cooling system, leading to potential energy savings.

  4. Customisable Lighting: LED lighting allows for easy adjustment of brightness and color temperature, creating a more flexible and adaptable lighting environment that can cater to different activities and moods.

Implementation Process

  1. Assessment and Planning: A team of lighting experts conducted an assessment of the school's current lighting system and energy consumption. They identified areas where LED lighting could be most effectively implemented for maximum energy and cost savings.

  2. Customised Design: The lighting experts created a customized LED lighting design for each area of the school, taking into consideration factors such as light intensity, colour temperature, and distribution to ensure optimal illumination.

  3. Installation: The installation process was carried out during a half term to minimise disruption to classes. The existing fixtures were replaced with LED fixtures, and any necessary wiring adjustments were made.

  4. Testing and Calibration: After the installation, the lighting system was thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality and compliance with lighting design standards. Adjustments were made as needed to achieve the desired lighting effect.


The LED lighting upgrade at Sunflower Primary School yielded remarkable results:

  1. Energy Savings: The school experienced a significant reduction in energy consumption after the LED lighting upgrade. This resulted in lower monthly energy bills and a substantial return on investment over time.

  2. Maintenance Cost Reduction: LED lights' longer operational life and reduced maintenance needs led to a decrease in maintenance expenses.

  3. Enhanced Learning Environment: The improved lighting quality positively impacted the learning environment.

  4. Positive Environmental Impact: The reduced energy consumption resulted in a smaller carbon footprint for the school, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.


The LED lighting upgrade at Highlees Primary School showcased the tangible benefits of adopting energy-efficient technologies. The school managed to significantly reduce energy consumption, lower operational costs, and create a better learning environment for its students.

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