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Delivering Beautiful Interactivity at Visit Northamptonshire's Pioneering New Visitor Hub

Updated: May 22

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The Client's Brief

Discover Northamptonshire were developing an innovative hub located at Rushden Lakes to promote and celebrate all things Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas, including days out, attractions, walks, town and village offerings, places to eat, sustainable transport, heritage, accommodation, and events. The retail space would showcase products from new and existing local businesses around the county, and a flexible conference space to host workshops, talks and fairs.

Discover Northamptonshire wanted to achieve an interactive experience for visitors, attracting them in with an engaging and vibrant shop frontage and providing a wealth of local knowledge once inside to inspire them to design their perfect visit to Northamptonshire without the use of excessive amounts of leaflets.

A key goal was to have the ability to update the information easily and instantly and showcase an unlimited amount of information in dynamic ways, using a variety of media formats.

The Optimum Solution

Optimum Electrics provided the ideal digital solution for the client with 12 brightsign digital signage players with the ability for remote content editing and remote monitoring to allow us to maintain the customer’s system and minimise down time.

We supplied 11 43” touch screen monitors to beautifully display the content and provide a user-friendly interface for visitors to easily explore the wealth of information available. These were installed in to the bespoke cabinetry, designed by Productive Design and handcrafted and installed by Timberwerx to create the unique walkway guiding visitors through the hub.

Installation of 43" touch screen monitors and LED lighting

Working to Productive Design’s technical and construction drawings, our team also produced the lighting design to give the space a welcoming and vibrant feeling which was imperative to the client.

It was important that the lighting didn’t create a glare like the original lights, as well as ensuring that the lighting didn’t affect the screens.

We had to utilise the existing track to light up and enhance the new decorative elements. We used spotlights to illuminate the signage and wall displays. We also had to take into account the bespoke decorative Kites which would share air space with the suspended lighting, highlighting the unique feature without blocking their visibility.

Bespoke lighting design and installation of LED lights for commercial project

We installed a small data network with remote manage switches to allow the hardware to have a constant link to the internet and ensure speed was never an issue. This was essential to make sure visitors had a seamless experience when interacting with the touch screen monitors and the avoid any lagging or slow video loading.

With the use of a POE switch we were able to reduce the need for large adaptors and power packs and gained the ability to power cycle any kit remotely in the event of product failure.

Using our existing network of reliable and professional contractors we were able to deliver the decorating, skirting and flooring for the customer. Project managing these elements reduced the number of trades that the client had to oversee as we acted as the single point of contact for all of these elements throughout the project.

Opening the hub, Councillor Helen Howell, Deputy Leader of NNC, said: "We have a real opportunity here at Rushden Lakes, to take advantage of the seven million visitors that come each year. We have so much to offer and we need to make our voices heard."

Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council, added: “The new Discover Northamptonshire hub will have enormous benefits to the local area, encouraging visitors to Rushden Lakes to travel to the other fantastic attractions we have nearby and in turn bringing more money and footfall into the local economy.”

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