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Home EV Chargers FAQs

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Are all EV chargers compatible with all electric vehicles?

Mostly. There are several different types of chargers and connectors (see below), however there are adapters for these different types, so although it makes sense to select a home EV charger that is compatible with your current electric vehicle, you needn’t worry about this locking you into a specific type of vehicle in the future or having to continually replace your charging point. If you have an untethered charger this is even less of a problem as the cable between the charger and your electric vehicle is fully detachable.

What are the difference types of EV chargers?

Slow charge connectors:

3-pin 3kW AC

Type 1 3-6kW AC

Type 2 3-6kW AC

Commando 3-6kW AC

Fast charge connectors:

Type 2 7-22kW AC

Type 1 7kW AC

Commando 7-22kW AC

Rapid charge connectors (not currently available for domestic customers):

CHAdeMo 50kW DC

CCS 50-350kW DC

Type 2 43kW AC

Tesla Type 2 120kW DC

Source: Zap-Map

Where can my EV home charger be installed?

The obvious consideration is where you would like to charge your parked car. Your charging point will need to be within 3m of your designated parking space on your private driveway (if you do not have a private driveway, a home EV charging point would not be suitable for you). Therefore, EV charging points are typically located on the building’s closest point to the property’s driveway.

When one of our electrician’s visits your property they will also assess the location and power available of your fuse board to ensure that it meets the technical requirements to support a car charger.

What is a smart EV charger?

Like all other smart home appliances, a smart EV charger is simply an EV charger which you can access and control remotely. The benefits of smart EV chargers include:

  • Control charging via your smartphone.

  • Avoid blackouts and protect your home’s electrical circuit.

  • Optimise charging speeds to avoid drawing excess energy from the grid.

  • Connect to a solar system and charge with renewable energy.

  • Charge your vehicle when electricity prices are lower.

  • Connect your EV to a home energy management system.

Here at Optimum Electrics, we only install smart EV chargers. Contact the team to find out more and get a quote to install a smart EV charger at your home.

How long will it take to charge my car at my home EV charging station?

This entirely depends on the size of your electrical vehicle’s battery and the rate at which it’s charging at. As an example, if you have a 7kW EV charger and you have a 40kWh car battery, it will take about five and a half hours to fully charge.

How can I find an EV charge on the move?

You can use apps like Zap Map to find out the details of public charging stations in advance. Zap-map can be filtered by connector type, EV type or charging speed. It also tells you if there are any reported problems with a charger.

Many electric cars also have satnav that recognises these locations and can direct you to those within range.

Who can install my home EV charger?

Here at Optimum Electrics our highly skilled team of qualified electricians are experienced in advising on and installing EV chargers. We’re committed to providing a greener future through installation of EV chargers across domestic, commercial, and industrial properties, at affordable prices.

As authorised installers of a range of reputable suppliers, your options are not limited when you choose us. We offer the latest technologies to ensure your charger point is fit for your needs now and in the future.

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