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  • Tom Clarkson

Unqualified Electricians Put You, Your Family and Property at Risk

Would you check the credentials of an electrician?

You should for three very important reasons:

1) Nearly 50% of house fires in the UK are caused by electrical wiring issues

2) Last year 1.3million people paid a qualified electrician to put right work that an unqualified person had completed.

3) 33% of qualified electricians have reported that they have seen a huge increase in dangerous and poorly executed electrical in the past decade.

No qualified electrician will be upset if you ask them to prove their credentials before booking them, many of us are proud of the fact that not only are we fully qualified, but that we continue to update our training. We pay to belong to a registered association such as the NIC EIC.

Your hard wiring and electrical fittings are hidden away in walls, ceilings and floors so the chances of you noticing that something is wrong are slim to none – until there’s a problem. The worst case scenario is that a fire occurs. With an average of one person a week dying due to unsafe electrics in this country it is something you need t be aware of.

So, don’t risk becoming a statistic. Either paying the ultimate price or paying twice, check that whomever you choose is fully qualified to complete your electrical work. Check their website, check on sites such as Registered Competent Person, ask for proof – just be sure and stay safe.

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