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What Are Integrated Solar Panels?

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Integrated Solar Panels, or In-roof Solar Panels, are designed to sit flush with your roof as opposed to on-roof solar panels which sit on top of an existing roof and protrude above the roof line.

To achieve this result, integrated solar panels require the existing roof tiles to be removed, unless of course they are being installed on a new build. This is to allow the panels to be embedded within the roof and sit flush with the roof tiles. Because of this, integrated solar panels are designed to behave like a roof tile, namely by being waterproof to ensure your roof is watertight.

Installing Integrated Solar Panels on Existing Property

For an existing roof, there is normally no need to alter the structure of the rood beneath the tiles, the tiles are simply removed to expose the felt and batten roof and your plastic trays are fitted to this existing structure.

From here the solar panels are then securely mounted into the trays and your roof tiles or slates are seamlessly fitted around the panels to create a flush finish.

installation of integrated solar panels, Peterborough

Installing Integrated Solar Panels on a New Build

For a new build, integrated solar panel installation is even more straight forward.

As long as you have specified integrated solar panels during the design and planning phase of your build, these, and the work required to fit them, will be included within the plans of the build process and the reduced amount of roof tiles will be factored into the full quote.

When your roof is at the felt and batten stage the solar panel trays are fitted and your integrated solar panels will be securely mounted to these.

Your roof tiles are then fitted around the solar panels creating a seamless look.

Attractive Finish

The obvious benefit of integrated solar panels is that they provide a more attractive option for homeowners looking to benefit from the power of solar panels.

For anyone wanted to be able to generate their own electricity, avoid rising energy bills and have a positive impact on the environment, but that don’t want to so dramatically impact the look of their home, integrated solar panels are the perfect solution. These solar panels appear more streamlined and blend in more seamlessly, created a more high-end appearance.

Installed integrated solar panels

Lightweight & Secure

Thanks to integrated solar panels not requiring a mounting frame and the fact that they replace the roof tiles that would otherwise be there, they are a lighter option than traditional solar panels.

Additionally, as they sit flush with the roof tiles, they are also more wind resistant and remain safely secured even in the highest winds.

Due to their lightweight and seamless nature, integrated solar panels are more likely to pass planning permission, especially for listed builds which will consider the aesthetic of any changes made to the property as well as structural limitations that the property may have regarding weights on any additions.

Integrated solar panels on home in Peterborough

Cost Effective

As with many new technologies, integrated solar panels have inevitably become more affordable as they have become more of an industry standard.

Additionally, when being installed on a new build, integrated solar panels are even more cost effective as a large amount of roof tiles don’t need to be purchased.

Integrated solar panels are probably more affordable than you previously thought. Our experienced team of qualified electricians are experienced in solar panels, allowing you to benefit from all of the benefits covered in this blog.

Looking to install a solar PV system on your home or business premises? Contact our team today for expert advise and a free, no obligation quote and solar design.

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